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                1. 中文  |  English

                  UL FCC 12V3A AC-Adapter

                  Model: JHD-AP036U-120300AA-A,

                  Output: 12V3A, 

                  Efficiency level:VI,


                  Product Details

                  Model: JHD-AP036U-120300AA-A,

                  Output: 12V3A,

                  12V3A UL plug-wall power adapter,


                  AC input voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz,

                  Input current:1.0A(max),

                  Output voltage: 12VDC,

                  Output current: 3000mA,

                  Input inrush current:60A(max),

                  Hi-pot test:3000Vac 10mA 3S,

                  Output ripple &noise:150mVp-p max,

                  Efficiency level:VI,

                  Safety standard:

                  UL62368; UL60065; FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B,IEC/EN60065; IEC/EN62368; EN60950; EN55032;EN55022.

                  Safety Index:Insulation resistors:50MΩ(at 500VDC),

                  Over current protection,Short circuit protection,Over voltage protection.

                  Environmental Requirements,

                  Operating temperature:-5°C-+40°C.

                  Storage temperature: -20°C-+60°C.

                  Operating humidity: 30%-85%.

                  Storage humidity: 10%-95%.


                  Applications: Monitors, stereos, printers, USB Hub, Modem, dub, DVD, riter, printer, bot, wiereless, helicooter, battery chargers.


                  Service Hotline


                  4th and 5th Floors,22nd Building,No.6 Xingye First Road,Fenghuang Community,Fuyong Town,Bao'an District ,Shenzhen518103 China.

                  eMail: kevin@jhdpower.com


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                  All rights reserved Shenzhen Jihongda Power Co.,Ltd