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                  Company Profile
                  Service field

                  Shenzhen Jihongda Power Co.,Ltd -- established in June 2006,is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design,development and production of power supply products. We are located in Baoan district,Shenzhen city,with convenient transportion access.We have over 280 employees,office and workshop area of 3500 m2,All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. 

                  Our company specializes in switching power adapter development and design,manufacturing,sales and technical advisory services integrated professsional power adapter company, power industry has a number of years of design experience of senior engineers and experienced produciton,quality management personnel composed of high management team.We have a sound quality management system.Products include AC/DC adapter,smart digital charger,substrate power adapter and DC-DC converter,more than a thousand types of products,and according to customer requirements to customize and develop special power supply.

                  The company adopts international advanced control circuits,quality brand suppliers and other electronic components,and absorbs excellent technology at home and abroad.Its power supply products have strong working stability,high reliability,anti-interference and electromagnetic compatibility with international electrical standards.Products have passed CB UL FCC  PSE CE GS-TUV CCC SAA  S-MARK  E-MARK DOE and other global multi-national security and relevant certification,comply with ERP CEC DOE and other energy efficiency standards and relevant certificates.Adopt all lead free (ROHS REACH) standard process.Products throughout China,southeast Asia,Europe,America,the Middle East and Africa and other countries. Its fields include:digital equipment charging,household appliances,audio and video television/audio,lighting,communication networks,beauty and health products.digital monitoring and industrial control and other categories:widely used in mobile phone,tablet,notebook computers,cash registers,handheld scanners,digital TV,display,network equipment,computer peripheral products,security monitoring,medical equipment,communications equipment,industrial,and ensure the printing equipment and other products.

                  Our company strictly implements ISO9001:2015 quality system,For the purpose of our enterprise "Quality first,steady development,service society”,to “focus,professional,pragmatic,innovative” as the spirit of our enterprise.Design,production of "safe,energy-saving,efficient and high-quality" products,the pursuit of "work together,win-win cooperation,sharing honor" corporate culture.Combining with the most advanced production automation equipment, to create world-class products in line with international standards.in order to achieve product quality,service speed,cost control,efficiency and other aspects of the best advantage.

                  Company Profile

                  Work together,win-win cooperation,share honor

                  Business Purpose
                  Business purpose
                  • Technical Support
                    To keep ahead, the Company is constantly increasing its technological and research and development capacity by introducing new technology into the production process to further improve product quality and expanding the level of product technology.
                  • Quality Contorl
                    Quality is the root of Jihongda. For each link , to ensure product quality and reliability, we introduce advanced detection equipment as well as conduct incoming inspection ,process control, final inspection, etc., through a third party .
                  • Our Service
                    For every order we guarantee providing customer the follow : good quality, on -time delivery service.For your question, our high-qualified and, experienced sales team will reply you within 24 hours. To provide the exact products that meet customers’ need is the starting point and the ultimate goal.

                  Service Hotline


                  4th and 5th Floors,22nd Building,No.6 Xingye First Road,Fenghuang Community,Fuyong Town,Bao'an District ,Shenzhen518103 China.

                  eMail: kevin@jhdpower.com


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